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Linking your social networks with the world wide web!

Social Link™ is an innovative new project currently under development to link the most popular social networks on the Internet with every website in the world.

Our patent pending technology will merge all of your supported existing social network accounts into a single, easy to navigate interface for finding and following every one of your contacts, allowing you to filter them into custom groups, search their feeds using filters you control, and post to all your supported social networks with a single click.

In addition, Social Link has its own special toolbar you can use to manage all of your accounts, videos and photos. You can send and receive instant messages with your contacts regardless of which network they are currently using.

Webmasters can use our FREE Social Link widgets and interactive API to instantly provide personalized features for all users of any supported social network on their own websites.

A new search engine will be included that will be more powerful than Google, Bing, Yahoo and others combined, with never before seen social features, where results can be fined tuned by popularity, affinity and geolocation. Get in touch with your online neighbors in your own home town with our local town web portals.

Social Link also allows you to create a standalone account, to test drive our features before adding all of your other existing, supported social networks. Every user of our platform will also have their own special profile page in the format of they can bookmark or subscribe to using RSS which combines all of your status updates across your registered social networks on our system.

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